Our Story

Treaty Apparel was created for all people to wear proudly, share their stories, and live their life - in style!


Land ~ Stories ~ Lifestyle

 A treaty is an agreement between Nations. Treaties began in these lands far past the year 1871. Treaties between Nations & cultures, building bridges of understanding. The Spirit & intent of the treaties was to share the land in peace & harmony.   

Meet the Founder

Tesler Mosquito 

Tesler is from the Mosquito Grizzly Bears Head Lean Man First Nation, proudly located in Treaty 6 territory. Tesler currently resides in the city of Saskatoon where Treaty 6ix Apparel was conceptualized and born. With a demand of people asking for other treaties to be represented, Tesler is now excited to be releasing Treaty Apparel. Treaty Apparel brings designs from all across Turtle Island from treaties 1 through 11. Treaty Apparel was created to educate and bring awareness to agreements that were made by our ancestors for future generations. His brand will be able to be proudly worn and enjoyed by all walks of life.

Giving Back

Treaty Apparel understands the importance of empowering the people. A portion of the profits from each line will go back into that territory in the form of a grassroots project., The project will be chosen by an advocate from that territory area. Stay tuned to see the progress we’re making in a community near you.